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6/24/14 - Play Offs
7.15pm 3rd Place Final - Crows vs Bartenders
8pm Grand Final - Wallabies vs Joses
8.45pm 5th Place Final - Lone Rangers vs Nobles

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Ausball is a co-ed, recreational version of Australian Football.
Ausball girls make US National Team
Alex Mims and Karen Stablein have recently been selected to represent the US Freedom at the International Cup of Australian Football in Melbourne, Australia from Aug 9 - 23. Both girls came to the game via the pathway of Ausball and Alex's story below shows how a casual try of a new social sport can quickly progress to something much bigger.

Its not too late to begin your pathway. Spring Registration is still open!

An excited Alex had this to say about her selection and quick progress to the US team, "Pike gets the credit for getting me into Ausball and Footy! He recruited me to the Ausball team when I moved to Baltimore in fall 2011 because he wanted an excuse to get me to hang out with him more, so he says.  I played soccer in high school but had not really played sports since then, but I was happy with learning Ausball since, while it was new to me, it was also new to most others who played!"

"Most other sports, people have been playing since they were kids, so it can be intimidating to join a team (like soccer etc).  What was unique about this sport that stood out to me was the combination of athletic backgrounds coming together with different strengths--people came from soccer to rugby to cross country to even fencing.  The fast paced game won me over so I was excited when my friends and teammates talked about opportunities to play on the weekends or when the season ended."

Alex Mims, 2nd from left with Julie Gailey, Judith Stein, Eileen Geoghegan and Karen Stablein.

Having never played a full contact sport, Alex continued, "I was intimidated but the transition came pretty naturally. The proper game can be overwhelming at first, or at least it was for me, with twice the number of people and an added level of tackling.  Ausball gave me the fundamental skills and understanding of the game of footy that really makes the transition pretty easy.  I went to the USAFL nationals for the first time in 2012, and have made connections with a diverse group of women across the country who share the love of the sport.  Everyone was so encouraging and welcoming that the following year I went to training camp in SF and played for the women's development team in the 49th PC" in Edmonton, Canada.

"Those events I think truly took my understanding of the game to a new level, and looking back I cannot believe how far I've come in so little time... I went from not knowing the first thing about Australian football to being invited to play for the Freedom in Melbourne all within less than three years.  I believe this is something unparalleled in other sports.  I am so excited to be in this position, and the foundation from Ausball and the friends made along the way have made it an extraordinary journey."

Congratulations to both Alex and Karen on making the US team. We wish you the best of luck in Australia and will be closely following your tour!

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